Messing around on the sofa

Me and my anipals from twitter have been fed up with the hot weather in the various countrys we live in, so we organised for us all to do a “snow dance”. We hoped it would bring some snow! Well it didnt bring snow but it did bring us all some cooler weather and rain!!! How did we do it, well you just have to know how to “shake your booty”. The cooler weather did make us here in Lanjaron a little more active and more mischievous. You have seen what happened to the sofa recently and now our Hu’mum caught us on video having some fun on the sofa.

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  1. August 20, 2010

    Yeah, we have a minor couch incident in our history, too.

  2. August 21, 2010

    He-he…seems handsome Khumbu is actually the couch “dancer” with an audience! Go Khumbu! Go Khumbu! Harley is ours…everyday when she gets up and before she goes to bed, she has to slide along our dark blue sofa – and she’s shedding (well, for about 3 months now!) But it’s her ritual and us silly humans let her. Thank goodness for those pet hair remover sticky rollers! PS – here-here to the snow dance; enough with the heat already! The FiveSibes are joining you Khumbu from here in northeast America!!!

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