3 weeks after amputation

A short video of Bruno 3 weeks after his amputation. As you will see he is back to himself. You can hear Khumbu yapping in the background!

Khumbu Written by:


  1. August 22, 2011

    He is so silly. You might think the video should be titled “Dog eats human leg” Hee hee That put a huge smile on our faces. Bruno is doing great!!!!!
    norwood and debi

  2. August 23, 2011

    WOW! he looks great. but i’m sure chemo is gonna make him feel icky so be prepared. 🙁 but it’s necessary. did you get the wormwood?

  3. Anna
    August 24, 2011

    Ahh, how lovely to see him looking so well. See you all next week. XX

  4. Tyler Huskamute
    August 29, 2011

    Awww! Love the back rolling, can tell Khumbu loves his bro!

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