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Brunos 1 month ampuversary

07 September 2011

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Today is one month since Bruno had his amputation. Everyday he becomes stronger and he is walking further and further on his walks. He is having more challenging walks. He joined me and hu’mum on the first part of our walk before we went our separate ways. There are no flat easy roads where we live so he has had to deal with walking up and down hill on difficult terrain from the outset. The photo below shows how great he is looking and the video shows the type of terrain he has to deal with. He has the occasional accident but he learns from each trip.

Bruno 1 month after amputation
Bruno 1 month after amputation

His first chemotherapy session has gone without a hitch. The first day after the chemo he slept the day away and since then he has been fine other than a little picky about his food. We are using a herbal tonic to help him through any side effects from the chemo which we got from a very helpful vet called Ray O’Mahony MVB MRCVS CVH and his company Phytoforce. We all think that within a month Bruno will be joining me again on walks :)


RAHUSKY & Isis: Happy huskerboo woooos mates!! RA, Isis & Nukie

Balto: Bruno, dude! you are a rock star! really!!! the rock climbing you’re doing is amazing! wish I could come rock climb with ya! have fun out there! big paw swats to you and your mate, Khumbu! Big Balto

BertieBear: Hey bruno! you’re an inspiration!! Hope all continues to go well with your treatment! Big tail wags!! and Leo “man hugs’ to you! from Bertiebear and Mom in Australia! xxxx

FiveSibesMom: Oh Bruno! You look beautiful and tough and wonderful! My heart swells seeing you walking and looking so fit. Keep strong, boy! You are a fighter and an inspiration to us all. Husky hugs to you, our friend.