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How to greet your hu'parents

26 July 2013

Reading time: 1 min

This is how we greet the hu’parents every single time they walk in through the gate. No matter if they have been gone for 20 minutes, an hour or all day, they get the same welcome home and back to the pack. Note the differences in our voices, see if you can tell us apart, I think it’s quite easy. How do you greet your hu’parents?


Rumpy Drummond: Drama queens!!! giggles

FiveSibesMom: Love it! They give the best greetings!!! Sharing this over on FiveSibes Facebook page, too!

Clowie: Yes, those voices are quite distinct! I do vary my greeting depending on how long they’ve been gone and whether I’m keen to get outside. But I always show I’m pleased to see them even if it’s only been five minutes.

A Husky Life: That is quite a greeting! Rocco spends a lot of time with his two feline siblings and unfortunately he has learned a few things from them, among others: giving you the cold shoulder when you come back home!

kHyra: I’m not khwite that vokhal but the happy tail and body is pretty much the same! Hugz&Khysses, kHyra ;-)