Tails From The Pack - A Dogs Tale

The adventures of "The Pack" living in the Alpujarras, the foothills of Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains, Andalucia

The pool turned muddy

13 July 2010

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My Humans decided to fill the swimming pool with water from the acequia. Good idea they thought as its free water, but the good idea was soon shot to pieces when the colour of the water was seen, errrr it can only be described as brown! The humans stopped filling the pool as soon as they realised. So we now have a muddy pool, which we doggies love, the sqiggy mud going through our toes is great. They say the reason the water is this colour is because of all the landslides that happened during the winter and a lot of the acequias were damaged.

346” “300” “ Bruno looking happy in the muddy swimming pool

Bruno looking happy in the muddy swimming pool
Bruno looking happy in the muddy swimming pool

The humans now have to work out how to clean the pool, but in the meantime, here is a video of me and Bruno in the pool. You will see that I was very nervous at first about going in as I could not see the bottom of the pool or the last step, but I soon got the hang of it. Oh and Hu’mum apologies about the video, she has no sound on her computer at the moment so cant hear whats happening on the video.


norwood: Hi Khumbu and Bruno you have a wonderful pool. And who cares about mud! Maybe you should add some frogs to it!!!! They’d make a great addition and funtimes for wooo! norwood

Lisa: Yay Khumbu, you made it down the steps! I’m still jealous of your pool, even if the water is muddy! :D Kodi x

A Husky Life: Great video Khumbu & Bruno & Tapa! :)

The Thundering Herd: What is a little muddy water among friends (though we were thinking Bruno was going to give you a helpful “nudge” into the water). Wonder why the humans don’t like it that way?