Mallorca Spain
about a month ago
Photos taken at Ciukci Kennels February 2011 - Please see my the note on my page for more information and regular updates regarding this situation. Link to the note about these photos. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150398381120411
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    • MaryLynn Fernandes Sharon, on behalf of those innocent animals, thank you for letting us know about this. With the exception of the dogs, the photos are disgusting. A good way to deal with this neglect is to expose it so we don't deal with people like this in the future.
      09 March at 19:35 ·
    • Anne Fulton This is from the man who said I am jealous of his kennel and said I am ignorant! Please..........pigs live in better styes!
      09 March at 22:35 ·
    • Jennifer Remazki OMG :-( Disgusting. Sharon, I am g;ad to hear that the Sibe community is acting in support of these dogs. I wish there was something I could do to help. Let me know if there is!
      09 March at 22:41 ·
    • Sharon Osharow Kristari Siberians Donations, donations, donations!!!
      10 March at 01:34 ·
    • Liz Norval Thank you for exposing this kennel for the appalling conditions that these dogs are being kept in. A bit of mud and dirt could be explained away but poop thats been there so long its gone mouldy is just disgusting. Keeping dogs in these conditions gives amunition to PETA and like minded organisations. I hope all these dogs are now being properly cared for.
      10 March at 19:21 ·
    • Nina Dalle ‎30 x 20 kg bags of adult and puppy food on their way (delivered next week). Deworming medecine too. Anything else urgently needed ??
      I got in touch with the refuge who feeds them.
      11 March at 16:02 ·
    • Selina Putz The breeder is not a people ...its a monster! i cry, when I see the photos from the poor dogs.
      18 March at 01:09 ·
    • Iris Cadiz terrible.. :(( seeing such beautiful huskies in that condition makes me sad. btw, how are those dogs doing now?
      Wednesday at 19:26 ·
    • Nina Dalle sadly the justice is very slow... but Juan is working on it.
      Wednesday at 21:32 ·
    • Sharon Osharow Kristari Siberians Yes...everyone must be patient...and MUST send all your letters in as quickly as possible and voice your disgust of the situation these dogs are left in and in the way that the Spanish authorities are treating our dogs as low class citizens or even worse!
      Wednesday at 21:39 ·
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