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We started this blog because we were allowed to write one, with no interference from the humans. The inspiration behind it really was this bunch called The Thundering Herd, they write a daily blog about what goes on in their day and we thought we would like to give it a go.

Not only do we have our own blog but Khumbu also has his own Twitter site where we have met lots of dogs and animals from all over the world. If you want to follow him he is known as Khumbusibe.

We have our very own Facebook page where we get a lot of interaction with people and animals from all over the world. We enjoy having fun on our page, come on by and visit us at Tails from the Pack.

We have a video site too on You Tube where you will find regular videos of us.

For more posts on us you can read some here at our Hu’mums site before we got our blog.

Please do leave comments, its great to hear from you.


Khumbu, I’m a Siberian Husky. I was born 3rd January 2007 north of Madrid and have been living in Lanjaron, Andalucia since I was 9 weeks old. I’m a friendly chap who always has a smile on my face, I like to talk/sing and love to play, particularly in the snow. I always want to be where I’m not!
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Rita, I’m a well we are not sure what I am yet. I was born around 1st September 2013. I’m a rescue dog and was lucky enough to come and live in Lanjaron with the pack. At the moment I’m very playful. I play a lot with Kyra but the love of my life is Khumbu. I am all white, hopefully they won’t loose me in the snow.
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Arko, I am a Siberian Husky. I was born 9th November 2015 and came to live in Lanjaron on 25th September 2016. I am a friendly fella, very playful and mischievous. I like to talk a lot and I love water and to run and dig and play and run and dig and play.
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Rainbow Bridge

Kyra 2011 – 2018

Kyra, I’m a Leonberger. I was born 31st October 2011 South West of Madrid. I have been living in Lanjaron since I was 9 weeks of age. I am a big bouncy playful girl. Love to play, can’t get enough of playing! I also like the sound of my own voice. I am also quite timid of new things and jump at my own shadow. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 23rd July 2018 due to Osteosarcoma.

Tapa 2006 - 2014

Tapa, I’m a umm don’t know what! I was born around May/June 2006, my human didn’t want me so I moved next door where I’ve been ever since. I’m feisty, scruffy and trouble. I love to bark at anything and nothing, if there is trouble about I will be in the middle of it! I get car sick so don’t go out on trips with the others. Tapa crossed the Rainbow Bridge 22nd December 2014 another one poisoned.

Bruno 2005 - 2011

Bruno, I’m a Leonberger. I was born 23rd October 2005 in Germany, I boarded a plane at 9 weeks old and have been living in Lanjaron, Andalucia ever since. I am big softy, a bit slow at times but boy can I run when I want to chase something. I can get grumpy in the evening. Bruno went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 20th 2011 having fought Osteosarcoma.

Taz 2004 - 2011
Taz 2004 - 2011

Taz, I’m a cat but think I’m a dog! I was found on the road lying next to my dead mum, I’ve been living in Lanjaron, Andalucia for about 7 years. I like to tease the others and make them chase me, I often get into places that im not allowed and spend a lot of time sleeping. Taz has gone to the rainbow bridge on 27th March 2011. Sadly she was poisoned.

Rocky 2001 - 2009
Rocky 2001 – 2009

Rocky, I’m a Labrador. I was born 31st July 2001. I am the original El Perro Negro. I moved to Lanjaron when hu’dad did in 2002. I’m a fun loving boy, enjoys exploring, playing in the snow and sunbathing. I became ill with Leishmaniasis and went to the Rainbow Bridge May 22nd 2009.

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